IPM Recertification – What is it?

Recertification is the process through which IPM Members can demonstrate to patients, colleagues and employers that they are maintaining an appropriate level of continuing professional development in psychosexual medicine.  

Why bother?

We are all working in a climate where a clinician’s knowledge and expertise is no longer assumed.  We all have annual appraisals and are revalidated every 5 years by the GMC.  It is important that all areas of our work are scrutinised for revalidations and recertification by the IPM ensures this aspect of your work is reviewed by those who understand it.

How hard is it?

IPM members have a huge advantage when it comes to reflecting on and learning from our work.  However we may be less good at documenting those reflections and learning points.   The IPM forms will prompt you to think about your psychosexual work and learning in a wide variety of settings and for most of you it will be easy to identify sufficient CPD points over the 5 year period.

How do I do it?

Download the recertification Information Leaflet and the Recertification Log from the Members area of the website.  There is a Word version and an Excel version of the log which have been updated in the last year.  For anyone part way through a log already you may want to transfer your information to the updated version or you may prefer to carry on with your current log until the end of this cycle.

It is your choice whether you use the Excel or Word log.  The Excel version does some of the adding up of annual totals automatically for you (and for those reviewing your log).  Useful for those of us who find numbers tricky! 

What information you enter where should be clear from the instructions, but do contact myself or the admin secretary if you have any queries.

When do I do it?

Start as soon as you like.  Much like appraisal adding to your log on a rolling basis as relevant events happen is by far the easiest way to complete it.   The IPM Admin Secretary will alert you when your recertification is actually due.  The recertification year runs from 1 July to 30 June and you will be expected to submit your log by  31 July.

Who decides?

The Recertification Panel consists of the Chair of Examiners, the Director(s) of Training and experienced examiners.  Each log will be reviewed by the Chair of Examiners and another member of the recertification panel, who will be a member of the Training Panel or an experienced examiner.

You will be informed of your successful recertification by email and/or letter. Then you can pat yourself on the back, download another blank log, and start all over again...!

Jeanette McGorrigan

Chair of Examiners

April 2017