IPM Recertification – What is it?

Recertification is the process through which IPM Members can demonstrate to patients, colleagues and employers that they are maintaining an appropriate level of skills, knowledge and standards in psychosexual medicine.  It also supports clinicians in demonstrating that they have maintained the required standards for appraisal and revalidation. You are expected to recertify every five years from certification.

How hard is it?

Following feedback from Members we are introducing a simpler system of spreadsheets where you can document your CPD activities with a separate sheet per year.  Recent recommendations by the GMC and the Pearson Report emphasise the importance of reflective practice in improving clinicians’ performance and we will be weighting this accordingly. There are reflective templates available on the GMC website and app. 

We appreciate that you have to demonstrate reflective practice at your annual appraisals and submit full documentation for that, so we will not require supporting information but you may be required to provide it if selected for audit.

How do I do it?

Download the Recertification Information Leaflet, Application Form and Spreadsheet from the Members Recertification page.  We recommend that you complete your CPD activities on the spreadsheet whilst current and use a separate sheet for each year.

When do I do it?

Start as soon as you obtain your Membership certificate.  Much like appraisal, adding to your log on a rolling basis as relevant events happen is by far the easiest way to complete it.  The IPM Admin Secretary will alert you when your recertification is due.  The recertification year runs from 1 July to 30 June and you will be expected to submit your log by 31 July.

Who decides?

The Recertification Panel consists of the Recertification Officer, the Chair of Examiners and other experienced Examiners. 

You will be informed of your successful recertification by email and/or letter.

Compliments and Complaints

If you have any feedback about the process please contact the Admin Secretary on


Sally Tattersall

Recertification Officer

April 2019