As a Registered Charity, the IPM is a non-profit making organisation which relies on income from subscriptions to support the work of Seminar Training, Exams, Events and other IPM activities. 

Diplomates and Members are requested to pay an annual subscription which is due on 1st September and is paid by direct debit. 

Your subscription will provide you with continued access to the members section of the IPM website, access to the IPM e-journal (twice yearly), newsletters and event invitations.  Members, Diplomates and retired Members and Diplomates who subscribe are also eligible to vote in IPM matters.


Subscriptions rates are as below (from September 2022):

Members: £180

Diplomates: £120

Retired/Friend Subscribers: £75


Trainees (pre-Diplomate) receive access to digital copies of the IPMJ. 

Please contact for details of how to pay your subscription.