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63/NC Introductory Course Summer 2024 (Online)

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Introductory Course

63/NC Introductory Course Summer 2024 (Online)


Please find a list of prices for this course below.

Registration Price
AHPs £250.00

Trust payments
The IPM accepts Trust payments. If required, follow the booking process and select ‘request Trust payment’. IPM Accounts will then contact you to request further details. However, please be aware, Trust payments can take a long time to process and your place on the course is not confirmed until payment is received in full, prior to the course start date. If possible, it is always best to make payment personally and claim back internally from your Trust. Any queries regarding Trust payments should be sent to

Terms and Conditions

Financial Terms and Condtions

Please read our financial terms and conditions which can be found via the following link:
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Code of Conduct

Please read our code of conduct which can be found via the following link:
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