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Introduction to Psychosexual Medicine Book

Introduction to Psychosexual Medicine Book

The third edition of the Introduction to Psychosexual Medicine is now available.

This authoritative text for those training in Sexual Medicine now returns in a new edition (published 2019) that builds on what clinicians found most useful in the previous editions - physical and psychological background knowledge and all relevant treatments, combined with psychological therapies, principles and case examples applied to common problems. 

The book has been re-written and updated in many ways in tune with changes in medicine and society.  It covers topics such as Internet Pornography addiction, Tocophobia, Vaginal Dysmorphia and FGC (Female Genital Cutting). This book is essential reading for anyone coming into IPM training and would be a useful book for Doctors or Allied Health Professionals in any specialty in which they come across patients with sexual problems - both physical and psychosexual. 

The book can be purchased directly from the publishers here.

It can also be purchased via other online booksellers.