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Introductory Training Courses

Introduction to Psychosexual Medicine

This course gives an introduction to the management of sexual problems presenting in the participant’s day to day practice. There will be a combination of teaching and case discussion, with the emphasis being on case discussion. The course consists of 12 hours, divided into 2, 3, 4 or 6 sessions and may be online or face to face. Click here for course curriculum.
The course objectives are:
  • To be familiar with different approaches to the treatment of sexual dysfunction
  • To understand the use of the ‘practitioner-patient relationship’ in psychosexual medicine
  • To have confidence to manage presentations of sexual dysfunction in your normal practice
 Subjects to include:
  • Approaches to the treatment of psychosexual dysfunction, including Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Physical Treatments
  • Psychoanalytic principles and Defence mechanisms. The use of the Patient-Practitioner relationship
  • Managing a Psychosexual Consultation, including a psychosomatic genital examination
  • Female Sexual Dysfunction to include Vaginismus, Dyspareunia, Loss of libido and orgasmic disorders
  • Male Sexual Dysfunction to include Erectile Dysfunction and Premature ejaculation
  • Group learning, IPM Seminar Training and the Diploma Examination
These topics can be adapted according to the needs/requirements of the participants.
This course is designed to stand alone as a brief introduction to the management of psychosexual problems and a Certificate of Attendance is issued to all participates. Suitable participants may also consider joining a seminar in their local area and working towards the IPM Diploma. (Attendees wishing to continue training and work towards the IPM Diploma, must join a Regular Seminar Group within three/five years of completing the Introductory Course). Training hours from the Introductory Term will count towards the minimum training hours requirement to sit the IPM Diploma Exam. Attendance at an Introductory Term is a requirement to sit the IPM Diploma.
Participants: Suitable for doctors: GPs, GUM, O&G, sexual and reproductive health, dermatology, psychiatry, urology.  Also open to nurses, physiotherapists, health advisers and others working in sexual health (affiliation to a regulating body required). Participants should have some experience of working with patients with sexual difficulties and a good command of the English language
Course structure: Delivered virtually (via Zoom) or face to face. Sessions consist of teaching, discussion and case presentation by group members, in sessions of 2, 3, 4 or 6 hours to total 12 hours. IPM Zoom Guidelines apply. 
Duration: a total of 12 hours arranged over 2 - 6 sessions.
  • Doctors: £300 per course
  • Allied Health Professionals/non-medics: £250 per course
CPD Certificate: A certificate of attendance for 12 hours CPD will be issued by the IPM.
As this course works best in small group numbers, places are limited to 10 (virtual) or 12 (face to face) and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. 
Attendance at an Introductory Training Course is now an essential requirement before sitting the Diploma Examination (DIPM) and is ideally done before, or soon after, commencing Regular Seminar Training.
If after attending the Introductory Training Course you would then like to continue training towards the Diploma Examination, these 12 hours are carried over and count towards the required hours to sit the exam. Attendees wishing to continue training and work towards the IPM Diploma, must join a Regular Seminar Group within three years of completing the Introductory Course.
Our current list of scheduled Introductory Courses can be found at Introductory Courses - find a course
Bespoke Courses: Shorter courses and/or bespoke courses for internal groups and departments, including the Cancer Care course are also available by arrangement.  Further information here.

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