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IPM 50th Anniversary Celebration Campaign

50 years ago a group of doctors found they did not have the skills to manage the sexual problems brought to them by their patients. They developed a new approach with the guidance of psychoanalyst, Thomas Maine. He co-founded the charity the Institute of Psychosexual Medicine in November 1974. 

Psychosexual Medicine looks at the whole person, body and mind, and identifies blocks between the two. The health professional works with the patient to resolve these.

Your donation will help the IPM:

  • Train and assess more health professionals to provide care for people with sexual problems
  • Develop training for a wider variety of branches of medicine e.g. we are in discussions to provide training to doctors who wish to become Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
  • Promote our recent training package for health professionals working with people who have cancer
  • Expand our overseas training

Please help us celebrate our 50th anniversary by donating to our campaign using the donate form below.