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Members Training Day May 24

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Members Training Day May 24

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Training Day May 2024

The Training Committee invites you to join our forthcoming online Training Day for subscribing IPM Members.


1000-11.15am:   Katrina Ashton, Psychotherapist:

10:00-10:30am:  'Transitioning from a hands-on clinician to a hands-off psychoanalyst’; a journey from a very physically focused health role to a totally mind-based role.

10.30-10.40am:  Questions/break

10.40-11.15am:  ‘Experiences in psychoanalysis with traumatised women’

11.15am:             Coffee break

11.30-12.30pm:   Seminars at Training events; a discussion

12.30-13.00pm    Leaders business


Katrina Ashton Biography

Katrina Ashton is a UKCP registered psychoanalytic psychotherapist, who trained at the University of Kent in 2010. This year she retires from the NHS after 50 years of service in general nursing, midwifery, parent infant work and psychotherapy in a forensic medium secure setting.  Katrina has had a special interest in working within the criminal justice system, for example working in the mother and baby unit in 4 English prisons, providing a time limited attachment-based group intervention. Also delivering a reflective practice group for officers in the youth offending setting at Cookham Wood in Kent.  She has worked delivering a therapeutic community day intervention using mentalisation principles both in individual and group work in a combined intervention for people with a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder. Twinned with psychotherapy is the experience of 45 years as a midwife, which informs her work with women and parents around the time of childbirth.

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